Free Online Blackjack

Many gamblers all over the world admire playing blackjack. A lot of extremely different people with their own preferences, lifestyle and age play this game. However, it is still popular to play blackjack online free or for real money. This game is so popular that can compete only with poker in quantity of its admirers. The main reason for that is its easy rules and unpredictable result.

As you can see, today all existing online casino offer free blackjack games. It is a one more confirmation of high popularity of this game. On pages of our Casion Online Gambling Guide you can play this game without any registration. We have no restrictions for participation so you can start your play just at any moment. Moreover, we provide all necessary information about rules of this game and give different tips. Playing free blackjack provide an extreme high RTP (return of the made bets) in the size of 99,6%.

Our game tester's review

This version of classical blackjack created by Play'n'Go is very pleasant and I really like it. It offers a quick play. It is easy to watch cards. Moreover, ability to play three boxes at once provide more abilities to see cards. This classical version of game is not as sharp as professional ones, so you can make smaller bets. It significantly decreases risks in case of lose. I recommend all newbies to start their acquaintance with game from playing this free blackjack product without creating an account.

Playing classical blackjack free online

Play'N'Go's classical versions of blackjack offer a perfect gameplay, but a little bit outdated. As you can see, other products offer more modern graphics and sounds. Such conservative approach is a main peculiarity of classical versions. The main difference is that game let you play at three boxes at the same time. Therefore, you can use such features as "Split", "Double" and "Insurance". However, you cannot Surrender with taking back the half of your bet.

Main features that you can face up within free blackjack

In this game you can play in from one to three boxes. Other features are:

  • Split - available;
  • Double - available;
  • Insurance - available;
  • Surrender - not available;
  • Minimal rate offered is 1;
  • Maximum size of bet could be put is 100;
  • Percentage of winnings is about 99,6%.

Short rules description

Rules of free blackjack offered by Play'N'Go company are very close to rules of famous Russian card game called 21. The main coincidence is a necessity to gather 21 number in your hand during the round. So, let's look on the rules of playing blackjack.

Each card player receives means some certain quantity of points he receive. The goal is to gather 21 point. You never can know what number would come next, so this game is unpredictable and can provide unexpected results (of course, if you are not a physic).

You cannot count the order of cards came to one hand. Moreover, you never know what the order of cards in deck - dealer shuffles it before each round. Do not try to find any tips of to define it. No strategies or how to's would help you in it. At one round casino use from six to eight decks. Each of them is carefully shuffled.

Each card from two to ten gives the same quantity of points as its value. King, queen and jack cards give you 10 points. Ace could be used in two way, so it provides 1 or 11 points depending on situation. Classical winning combination that gives you an instant win is an ace and 10. Chances to receive are enough low, but still you can face up with such a situation during your play. If you got it, you are the lucky winner!

Game process

Game could be leaded in three boxes. Dealer gives two cards to player and then to himself. If you did not receive a blackjack at once, you have to define what to do next. You can stop or ask for more cards. You need to gather the biggest close to 21 quantity, but not more. So do not risk too much and stop when it needed.

When you feel that you have the most optimal combination in your hand (or boxes), just pass your turn without taking more card. From this moment you cannot influence on process anyhow just wait for results. If dealer have gathered less points than you or just exceeded the 21 - you won. In other case you lost. Remember: the dealer always have to take more cards until he gets at least 17 points.

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