How to play Blackjack

The simplest and easiest card game, of course, the blackjack. It is supported in all casinos and you can find it in any establishment. It appeared in the 20th century and quickly became extremely popular among the gamblers all over the world.

Thus, no matter how much easy are the rules of this game, you need to know main information about blackjack before starting playing it. Our Casion Online Gambling Guide gathered in this article the main information and line of tips that can help you during the game.

This game has an extremely easy rules, so you can quickly remember them. Our goal is to help you in understanding how to play this game. You can face up with few blackjack variations. Each of them has its own nuances in rules.

Moreover, you can play blackjack in live casinos with real dealers. Such type of gambling has its own rules that a little bit differ from the common ones. You can read about them in our article about playing Blackjack in live casinos.

Main rules of the blackjack

This game leads by a standard procedure. In the start of each round, players have to make their bets. Game table has special places for them called boxes. Pay attention: each table has its own minimum and maximum bets. You can choose the size of your bet by clicking the icon of chip with the necessary value.

After everyone put their bet, dealer gives each player two cards face up. After that dealer gives cards to himself. If you are playing European version, he receives only one card face up. If you play Atlantic City variation, he receives two cards - one face up and the second face down.

Player has to beat the dealer. It means he needs to collect bigger amount of points, but not more than 21. Moreover, player wins if he has not exceed this limit, but dealer has. If player has gathered more than 21 point, it is called BUST. It means the immediate loss.

In order to receive more points player can ask dealer for additional cards. When all players have taken all cards they need (or refused do this), it is time for dealer's actions. He works under strict rules. They can vary from one type of blackjack to another. So, please, learn out the rules of chosen game before you start your play. It is an important knowledge that can significantly influence on your actions and on the final result.

The best card combination is called the blackjack. If player received it, he receive the highest possible win (in various types it can be up to 3 or to 2). This combination consists from an ace and any other card that costs 10 points. You can receive blackjack only during the first dealing. If you have such a combination, you will not lose. If dealer receives a blackjack too, it means a draw.

Our Casion Online Gambling Guide will teach you how to play this card game of chance. In blackjack ordinary cards cost at par and all images (except an ace) cost 10 points. Ace is the only one card that can vary its value. Depending on situation, it can bring you 11 or 1 point. You are the only one who decide the cost of this card - in every casino.

For example, if you have an Ace and three it can mean 4 or 14 points. If you decide that ace costs 11 points, your hand would bring you 14 points in total. It is called "soft" and means that player can take more cards or double his bet not worrying about being busted.

How to win in blackjack

Mostly, the reward in this game is 1 to 1 (called "equal money"). Therefore, if you have put a bet 10 dollars and won, you would have plus 10 to your total bet. If you have received a blackjack, your reward will be bigger - plus 15 dollars to your bet (of course, if the dealer did not receive a blackjack, too).

If you have gathered the same amount of points as a dealer, round ends with a draw (sometimes it is called a "push"). It means that you would have your bet back without any additional money. If you have lost, all money you bet come to establishment. There are few exceptions in these rules. You can read about them lower in this article. Moreover, you can find detailed information about payouts in our descriptions of various types of this game and guides of how to play blackjack.

All winnings could be received only when dealer makes his move. It is better to read out about the rules of the game you are going to play. Then you would know for sure in what cases dealer has to take more cards. It is an important knowledge that would facilitate your game process.

For example, you can face up with situation when dealer has a soft hand with 17 points. Depending on chosen type of this game, he can stop taking cards or take one more card. Anyway, no matter what type of blackjack you are playing, dealer always has to take more cards if he has fewer than 17 points in his hand.

Double, Split, Surrender

In this game you have several actions that you can make. The talk is not only about taking more cards or no. There is a line of situations when you are allowed to make additional actions. They depend on what cards you have in your hand.

You can face up with next abilities.


Remember. The best way to master playing blackjack is a practice. You can always try your best in corresponding part of our Casion site and play blackjack for free.

Split creates two hands from your one. It is a perfect way to increase your chances to win. After you say "Split", you have to put an equal bet for the second hand you receive. There are few cases when you can use this function.

You can use split if in the first deal you receive two cards of the same value. In this case, they are divided into two hands. Each of them is played independently from another. Result is separate for both hands, too. That is why you have to put one more bet.

Some types of blackjack allow you make split few times during one round. You can face up with restrictions about splitting aces. In this case you would be allowed to take only one additional card. It significantly influences on your chances to win.

Double Down

By saying "Double" you can increase your initial bet. You can do this only in certain cases.

After the first deal, you can make an additional bet the same size as the start one. In this case, you would have only one additional card. This function is available in all existing types of blackjack and you can use it with any combination of cards.

Some variations of this game allow doubling after the split. In this case, game works by the same rules as after the usual doubling after the first deal.

Surrender (refusal of the game)

Some types of blackjack allow player to refuse from the game saying "Surrender". In this case, you stop this round immediately and receive a half from your bet.

Do not forget to read other our Casion Online Gambling Guide articles and find more useful information about this famous game.

Game process

As we have told you before, you can make several actions in each round of this game. They depend on what cards you have in your hand and on the type of the game you play. You can face up with following actions.

Hit (draw a card)

It means that you want to receive more cards. You can have one card at a time. You are allowed to ask for more cards several times before you decide to stop or exceed 21 points. Remember: having more than 21 means bust and immediate loss.

Stand (enough is enough)

If you think that you have enough points and it is time to stop taking cards, you can say "Stand". In this case, your role is ended and the next player or dealer starts acting.


As we have told you before, some types of blackjack allow players split existing hand into the two after the first deal. It could be done only if you received two cards of the same value.

Double down (doubling)

This action was described above, too. You can increase your initial bet by adding one more of the same size. After you say "Double", you receive one more card.


Some types of this game allow players make an action called "Insurance". It could be done only if dealer receives an ace like a first card. In this case, you bet half from your initial bet. If dealer received blackjack, you would have a 2 to 1 payout. In other case, you will draw.

Equal money

If you have blackjack in your hand, but dealer received an ace like a first card, you can use an ability called "equal money". It means that you would have 1 to 1 reward no matter whether dealer receives blackjack or not.

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