Mobile Blackjack

Blackjack extremely popular gambling card game, which you can find in any casino. Many people are playing this game. In USA almost every experienced gambler at least once has tried his fortune in blackjack. There is a logical and obvious reason why people all over the world choose it. Here you have an ability to reduce the casino advantage if act by certain strategy. Today you can feel all pleasure from playing this game on your mobile device. No matter where you are now, you always can launch blackjack from your Android or iOS device - just open the right page of our Casion website.

If you have never played the mobile version of this well-known game, do not worry it is not difficult at all. Mobile blackjack is a card gambling game where you have to win casino represented by dealer. Your target is to gather closest to 21 number of points in your hand without exceeding it. When you launch blackjack on your phone, you will see a game screen with the main menu. Here you can find a blackjack table itself, a dealer on the top of the screen, cards in the center and the block of functional buttons in the lowest part. Along with this, you will receive your virtual casino chips. You need these chips to make bets.

In the start of each round of blackjack on your mobile device, you have to use received chips and put them into the betting area on the screen. When you put your bets, you need to press the "deal" button. You receive two cards face up from dealer. After that, one card up face and one down would come to the dealer. Now it is time to use chosen blackjack strategy. You have to analyze received cards and the card you see at the dealer. It is the way to define what would be better to do next.

If your hand has more than 15 points (but not 21, of course) and you see a small card at dealer, it is better to stop and just wait for the result of this round. But if you have fewer points while dealer received a big card, the best decision is to take one more card by clicking on the corresponding button on your mobile blackjack screen. If you have received two identical cards, you can press "Split" and make two hands from your one. The last function you can find on the screen is "Double". In this case, you would receive one more card and your bet would be increased by two. Mostly, it is reasonable to press this button if you have 10 or 11 points and you hope to gain 10 points from the next card.

When you are sure that your hand is the best what you could gather, press the "Stand" button. After that, the dealer would turn his second card and try to beat you. If your hand wins, you would receive a reward in the size of your bet plus one. If you have received a blackjack combination from the first deal in blackjack mobile, you would receive a 3:2 reward.

Have fun playing the best Blackjack mobile games and move to gambling in mobile casino online!

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