Baccarat online

One of the most well-known card games - baccarat. For a long time it was a game of aristocrats and a something like a symbol of wealth and elite. Erenow people could play it only in expensive high-level establishments mostly of closed type. If you want to play baccarat you needed to have enough big sum of money.

But today everything has changed and you can play this card game of chance on any online site. Now all what you need is just to choose an appropriate baccarat casino from our list and start your play.

If you are the newbie and never played this famous game, we recommend you to read our Casion Online Gambling Guide articles. Let's find out how to play the favorite James Bond game.

Rules and principle of game

History of this game appearing has a lot of blank spaces and myths. One of existing versions tells that this game was created by Felix Falguere. He based it on the principles of Etruscan ritual.

From that time game changed its rules many times. Today we are playing by rules that much differ from the initial. The closest version to modern Baccarat has appeared in France in the 19th century.

Existing types and variations

You have to remember that original game can be played only in a group of people. It creates its own atmosphere and adds special feelings.

Of course, today by playing baccarat online you cannot feel all those emotions. Moreover, there are a lot of versions of game when you have to play against the establishment one on one. It means that you would see only a dealer who strictly follows existing rules.

Mostly, playing online you will face up with next variations:

  • mini-baccarat;
  • punto banco;
  • Shemin de Fer.

Common rules of the Baccarat card game

Most of existing types of baccarat online have common rules with just little variations. Mostly, they are about payment coefficients, existing fees, offered interface of play and other small details.

The main difference of online version is absence of other players sitting at one table with you. Moreover, you are playing only against the casino. All what you have to define is whether casino or player wins.

During the game you would face with next main points of the game process:

  1. You make your bet on own winning, draw or win of casino.
  2. Dealer gives two cards both to player and to the casino. Position of the third card could variate depending on situation.
  3. Winner is that who have gathered more points. If both hands have the same quantity of points, it means draw.
  4. If you were right about the result of the game, you would receive your win.

All game process is automatic so playing baccarat in online casino does not demand too much actions.

Classic strategy

Choice of strategy you would use depends on some factors. First of all, find out what are the coefficients of chosen establishment. In addition, read about existing commissions you would have to pay. Most of sites offer next:

  • bet on the player's win (also called punto) - payments one to one;
  • bet on the casino's win (also called banko) - payments one to one plus additional commission in the size of 5%;
  • bet on the draw - payments eight to one or nine to one.

Therefore, the perfect decision is a constant betting on the punto. In this case you would have the minimal loses.

We have told you the main information that would help the newbie in gambling. We hope that it would help you start your play and win. Wish you luck!

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