Video Poker

Maybe it is hard to say that video poker machines are at the top among other gambling games. However, there are a lot of fans who admire this game. However, do not forget: if you really want to play video poker and win, you have to know enough about principles of game and existing strategies. Studying game mechanics would take some time, but it would bring its profit – video poker machines provide very high coefficient. If to talk about playing in land casino, you have enough high chances to win knowing right strategies.

As you know, modern trusted online casinos offer almost the same set of games as the land ones. So you can find a lot of variations of video poker in your favorite online casino. Such type of gambling provide big chances, nice reward and ability to use strong strategies. Video poker machine is a great choice for those people who prefer unite feeling of risk with the game strategies usage.

Gaming process

In the start of the game you have to know for sure how much coins you are going to spend during each spin. Most of products let you choose a number from one to five credits. Some sites can offer you an ability to define the size of bet by yourself. The size of reward would anyway depend on that how much coins you have put in this round. You always can look on the list of offered rewards in the Payout Table.

Right after you make a bet, game would give you first cards. There are different variations of video poker machines, but most of them give player five cards. Mostly the talk is about standard deck from 52 cards, but sometimes casino can use additional jokers, so pay attention on this moment while choosing a product to play.

Your goal is to gather one of standard combinations in your hand. The more valuable combination you get – the bigger reward you would receive. You always can look up for existing variants, but much better is to know them beforehand – you would not distract yourself during a play.


Chosen strategy becomes important only when you define what cards to leave and what to change. You have to make a choice and mark those initial cards which you want to keep in your hand and make combinations with. In other case you lose your bet.

Some video poker machines offer their players to have few hands. Such type of gambling almost does not differ from the previous. The main moment is that you have to pay for each hand in the very beginning. It means that if you have five hands and put a bet of 2 dollars, you would spend 10 dollars at the start of the round. Remember: this type means a single deck for each hand, so you can easily have the same cards in different hands.

Visiting online casino you can become confused with a lot of different offered variations of video poker. Here are the most popular types which you can face up with on almost any site:

  • Jacks or Better;
  • Deuces Wild;
  • Bonus Poker;
  • Double Bonus;
  • Joker Poker.

Strategy of playing poker is enough complicated and has a lot of difficult moments. That is why in this article we would not talk about main strategies of playing video poker machine or even some main moments. Many players spend a lot of time in order to learn how to play at least on one type of machines because of significant rise of chances.

Why it is a good idea to try video poker?

Video poker machines is a perfect way of rest for those gamblers who prefer strategy card games of chances (for example, blackjack) and for lovers of smart games where you need to use your brains. If you would learn out how to use strategies in certain machine, you would receive a fascinating result. Many online casinos offer big percentage of probable return in such machines. Some sites even come extremely close to plank of 99%.

Along with that, video poker is a very easy type of game. You can play it without special knowledge and just receive pleasure. In order to play just for fun without usage of some complicated strategies, you have to know just few moments. It makes this game a good way to have fun without puzzling over game process.

Playing video poker machines for free

Video poker is, first of all, a strategy game that needs some skills for winning. That is why we recommend you to start your gambling from free mode. It is a best way to learn how to play and manage how to use strategy you prefer without losing money. If in land casino you would never have such an ability, online establishments let their users try video poker machines in the free mode. Do not waste your time – start first free round right now.

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