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Many players used to blame casinos in their failures. They think that their seemed to be successful strategies does not work because of unfair website. In reality, such thoughts are wrong - no strategy would guarantee you the 100% win. Of course, you can increase your chances this way, but never reach the instant win. Some players think that casinos are cheating their visitors by software casino uses. But in reality, it is not true. At least for the responsible and safe online casino.

Program reset

You can face up with a myth telling that software reset is a good way to win. Mostly, roulette gamblers believe in this. They think that if reload program or webpage (depends on the type of the casino software you use) their chances will increase. This method they use usually to try to avoid a line of loses.

This myth is based on opinion that casinos' software remembers and analyze all previous rounds. It is not so, no program builds result by some algorithm. All define only random. So there is no guarantee that if you have won, you would anyway lose in the next round. That is why there is no sense in reloading software, it would not influence on result at all. It is just a mistake opinion that you can make program work better this way.

All good online casino are working with Random Number Generator and only it define the result of each round. Nothing else can influence on it. So there is no matter whether you won or lose the previous round the same as total number of rounds. Do not believe in this myth - history of your rounds does not impact on results in any way.

Fairness of online casinos

All leading gambling sites know that they can have constant users only if they would provide a fair game. So, they worry not only about clearness of game process, but also about its safety. Therefore, all round results work only on random and any patterns are only coincidence. Casino would receive its profit anyway so there is no necessity to juggle the results in one way or another.

Imaging you are tossing the coin

Really, just imagine it. And imagine that you have received four heads one by one. Would you stop tossing till tomorrow hoping that something would change the next day and you will get tails? Or, maybe, you should ask other person to toss the coin in order to receive another result? Of course, no.

Coins do not have memory and they do not remember what results were before. That is why there is no connection between previous and next tosses. If you take another coin, results will not change - everything depends on the random. The same is about gambling.

The law of large numbers

No matter what casino you visit and what game play - you always can face up with a line of losses. Some players can face up with an instant win or loss during the first visit of casino site. It is absolutely normal, and you do not have to worry about it. RNG creates numbers independently from previous results, so it is only coincidence. Restarting game or re-logging would not influence anyhow.

Daily Martingale

Another myth that players often believe in is that they can just follow the Martingale system in order to receive their win. But it is not right. If you use this system, some day you just lose all what you have. It has a simple explanation. If you play at one casino for a long time, quantity of your spins become important. It does not matter how much times you spin daily, matters only total amount.

Even if you would close the game after you win some constant sum (for example, five dollars) it would not help you anyway. Day would come and casino would take its money back. There is no sense in such a strategy, although you can try it any way, its your choice.

Profit on constant game strategies change

It is another stupid myth that does not influence on the final result. This mistaken opinion is based on version that online casino's software knows existing strategies and can recognize whether gambler use one of them. So, players change systems they use and try to confuse computer. But all this is a total nonsense. As we told before, gambling software use only random system so they do not analyze player's actions at all.

There is an easy explanation why this myth appeared. Enough often when player starts using some special strategy, he wins. He can think that used strategy would bring an instant win, but after some time a line of loses starts. Therefore, many people think that it is a result of casino's interference. Such misunderstanding appears because of mistaken opinion that win-win strategies have to bring reward all the time.

  1. a) You will never find strategy that would bring you an instant win. Do not dream about fantastic results any casino play is based only on random and player's luck.
  2. b) Fans of conspiracy theory make their judgments from stupid and senseless statements. Let's analyze the second part of the myth. Why gambling software has to define whether player use some special strategy or not? It is too much hard to preform and brings almost no profit. Moreover, if casino want to cheat gambler (of course, no good online casino wants it), it would not do this in such a stupid way. For example, the simplest and fastest way to make user lose in roulette is to force ball to fall on cell different from user's bet. Moreover, no safe online casino would worry about what system you use. Everyone knows that anyway you lose with time, so there is no necessity to fasten this process.

As you can see, players who believe in those myths have no logic in their actions and, moreover, do not understand this. Just take a look on next paradox. Such users think that casino use some special methods to make them lose. But along with that they believe that they can win with usage of some certain system. Where is the logic?

Belief in the newbie's luck

Look on the next popular myth: many players think that if you are the newbie you will be luckier. It is so mostly because those people who start play and immediately lose keep silence and those who win brag about their results. Moreover, if someone has a winning streak, he feels himself victorious. When he loses at first, he thinks that he made something wrong. So, when you want to read some feedback from newbies, you mostly would see positive results, sometimes even incredible and more miracle like.

Some people explain it by casino's desire to interest player. They think that site let you win in order to involve to process and interest in playing. It is extremely stupid opinion. Just imagine if it is real - then why not to use such system for your own profit? Create an account, win one by one and after first lose withdraw money and create a new account. Sounds fantastic, isn't it? As you can see, such system gives more benefits to player than to site. It is extremely stupid to think that casino would use such an easy strategy.

If you still do not believe in what we say, listen to next information. There is a line of international organizations (iTechLabs, eCOGRA, TST, etc.) that constantly test programs used by online casinos. So if you see that some site works with one of such corporations - be sure, it is a safe online casino. You can look for a certain certificates at those companies which products you want to play. For example, you can be sure about Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech games.

Please, pay attention: all what we have noticed above is about real casinos that worry about their trust factor. It does not mean that you can face up with some idiots who try to gain quick cash and use unlicensed software. It is one more reason to visit only trusted online casinos and responsible resources. Be careful to not to trap into the hands of some blacklisted establishments.

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