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It would be fair to say that casino is one of the most popular type of entertainment among tourists. If you are going to spend your vacation in some casino resort, our article could be in hand for you. There are a lot of various gambling games. Each of them has its own chances and percentages of wins. So, if you want to receive a great reward, you have to know what games can give you the biggest chances of win.

We offer you lists where you can easily find the game you need. You can choose the one among the best gambling games offering highest and lowest chances of win. We also provide various statistic information that can help you with your choice. You can find data about payout percentage and size of casino's profit in each game.

If you want successfully play gambling games, you have to know not only offered chances of win. There are two important indicators, which would tell you more about each game. It is a casino advantage (also called profit) and payout percentage (also called winning chances).

As you know, all existing casino are created in order to gain money. That is why you can facilitate your choice and game by knowing about casino advantage and winning chances in each certain case.

Casino advantage is a value that means the money casino receive. It is calculated like a percentage from the initial player's bet. It is an important indicator, which can tell you whether chosen casino game would have high or low chances to win.

For example, you know that chosen casino pays 95 cents from each dollar. It means that in this case the casino advantage is 2,5%. Mostly, you would face up with 2-3% of casino advantage. In common, it is about various slot gambling games.

Payout percentage is mostly actual when we talk about slots. It means the sum that player would receive from each dollar of his bet.

Therefore, if you want to gain a big reward, you need to know what offered products can provide you higher chances of win. Mostly, people do not understand that they can find the best odds in various table gambling games.

The highest chances of win are in the best games of chance. You can look up for an appropriate one in our top list. The highest indexes could be found in:

A bit about blackjack

Everyone knows this famous card game of chance. Here you see the highest chances to win among other gambling casino games no matter what establishment you choose. Standard value of casino advantage in this game is only 1%. Sometimes it could be even lower up to 0,13%. In this case all depends on your skills, used strategies and simply attention while counting cards. So, the chances to win in this famous game are enough high.

One more advantage of playing on top gambling websites is that you are not playing against a real gambler. You are fighting for reward with the dealer who is limited by rules. It makes chances to win much higher and gives you more abilities to influence on result. Along with that, blackjack has high terms of payout.

Rules of blackjack

The main goal of this game is to gain 21 points in your hand. During the game you have to try to gain the closest to it number of points, but not more than 21. If you have gathered more, you lose and round ends. It called BUST. If from the first deal you receive 21 point without taking more cards (this combination is also called the blackjack) - you are the winner. In all other cases your number of points is compared with those which dealers has. The winner is that who have received the closest to 21 amounts of points.

When you play blackjack there is no difference what the card suit is. You gather only points. Therefore, any picture card (except the ace) bring you 10 points, other cards the same quantity as their number. If you receive an ace, it could be used like both 1 and 11 points depending on situation (you can practice in blackjack for free).

In this game you have to win at casino dealer. The best way is to gather 21 point in your hand. But be careful: do not exceed this number. Sometimes it is better to stop and have lower amount than definitely lose because of too much points. Enough often players win at casino with 20, 19 and even 18 points.

During the game, dealer gives cards firstly to player and then to himself. Then you can define whether take more cards of no.

If you win, you would receive a 2x size of your bet (bet 5 dollars – receive 10). If you lost for any reason - you lose your money. If you have received from the first deal the blackjack, you would have payouts in the size of 3:2. So, if you have bet 5 dollars, in this case you would receive 7,5 dollars plus your own bet. In total it would be 12,5 dollars. Sometimes you can see a situation when player and dealer received the same amount of points. This situation is called a draw. In this case you do not lose your bet and just get your money back without any reward.

After first deal you can define whether you need more cards or no. If you think that you have not enough points in your hand, just say "Hit" (or "Hit me"). Dealer would give you more cards until you say to stop. Just say "Stand" and dealer would finish giving you additional cards.

Only after that dealer can take more cards for him. By the rules of this gambling game, he has to take more cards until receive at least 17 points in his hand. Therefore, even if he has 16 points he needs to continue.

If you have in your hand two identical cards, you can say "Split". In this case they would be divided into two hands. Each of them would receive an additional card. But along with that you have to put one more bet for the second hand. We strictly recommend you read the rules and learn existing terms of this card game of chance.

Main strategy of playing blackjack that can increase your chances

In reality, in this game your win depends not only from fortune. If select a right strategy, you can move closer to the reward. You can find a wide range of various strategies, but now we would tell you about the main one. Its usage help gambler to reduce the casino advantage to the 0,5%.

Situation 1: The first card dealer receive is 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Most likely he would lose. As you know, dealer has to take more cards until he receives 17 points or higher. At this moment the chances to get 10 points with next card are very high.

What to do: In this strategy when you face up with such a situation and have in your hand 11 or fewer points, you have to Hit more cards. The point is to stop getting cards is when you receive 12 or more points.

Situation 2: The first card dealer receive is 7, 8, 9 or 10 points. In this case, most likely he would get 17, 18, 19 or even 20 points.

Player Actions: In this case you have to get more points than a dealer. Sometimes the best decision would be Surrender.

Situation 3: Sometimes player receive 12-15 points from the first deal. In such case often players afraid to BUST and do not Hit more cards preferring to keep having 12 points against 7 or 13 against 8.

Player Actions: You have anyway taken a card even if you think that it is a wrong step.

Situation 4: Sometimes players keep taking more cards even when they have 16 or 17 points in the hand.

Player Actions: If dealer has a card from 2 to 6, it is better to stop when gather 16 points. In other case, you have to move closest amount of points to the sum of dealer card plus 10. In this case you can Hit even with 16 points.

Briefly about the Baccarat

Various top gambling sites offer their visitors to play this famous card game. It became extremely popular thanks to Ivan Fleming that has written his novel called Casino Royale in 1953. As you remember, baccarat was the favorite card game of the main hero - famous James Bond Agent 007. It was mentioned not only in this novel, but also in many published films.

Interesting fact is that this game does not need some special skill. Some people think that it is a hard game because of high agent's IQ. It is a wrong opinion - anyone can easily play baccarat and even win in this game. You can try your forces by playing for free on our Casion Online Gambling Guide or in any establishment from your top gambling websites.

Rules of the baccarat

Let's take a brief look on what this game is. It has very simple rules, which you can easily remember. In this game players' goal is to gather the closest to 9 value (the best variant is to get exactly 9). So, player has to decide whether he needs a third card or no.

Each card has its own value. Therefore:

  • Ace - 1 point;
  • From king to ten - 0 points;
  • From two to nine - at par.

Unlike the blackjack, where exceeding 21 means losing, here if you have more than 9 points, your result about be counted by subtracting 10. For example:

6 + 7 = 13 = 13 - 10 = 3;

4 + 6 = 10 = 10 - 10 = 0;

Player can put a bet on three possible results: his own victory, casino's victory or tie. In the start of each round both the player and the dealer receive two cards. Sometimes, they can have a third one.

In this game there is no limits about quantity of players. They can join only if the dealer permits them and leave at any moment they want. Cards are dealing by one: first by the circle from left to right and the second on the contrary from right to left. Therefore, each player receives two cards. Bets are always put before the deal starts.

In this game dealer has an advantage. Therefore, if some player gathers the biggest number of points along with the dealer, the second wins. If dealer receives 9 points, it means his instant win and round ends.

If one of the players receives 9 points while dealer has fewer, it means this player wins. In this case the bets of other players are taken by casino. If all participants have fewer than 8 points, you can take another card saying "Buy". Dealer is the last one who decide whether he needs an additional card.

Main strategy of playing blackjack that can increase your chances of winning

Depending of what bet you put you would have different chances to win. By mathematical counting you can see that casino advantage is:

  • 15,75% when you bet draw;
  • 1,29% when you bet for your win;
  • 1,01% when you bet for dealer's win.

Those numbers could be a little bit different in various versions of baccarat. Anyway, as you can see from these numbers, betting at draw is not a best decision.

Therefore, the biggest chances provide bets on dealer's win. In this case casino would receive a 5% commission of your bet, but still chances to win are higher. It seems like payment of bets on the draw is made at the rate of 9 to 1. But in reality, you would face up with a draw extremely rarely. Mostly, round ends with the dealer's victory.

Baccarat could be played with 1, 6 or 8 decks. It has its own influence on the final odds. So it is better to choose games with smaller deck they can bring you more chances to win. In addition, we recommend you choose those top gambling sites that provide lower commission.

The chances to win in this game always are smaller than 50%. That is why over long distances the dealer would have more wins.

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