Online Roulette

There are a lot of interesting gambling games that you can play in. Some of them are extremely popular, others are rare enough. One of the most popular types of gambling is the roulette a classic game came up from the land casinos to online world.

Online Roulette?

Online roulette has the same rules as the usual one in land casinos. Your goal is to guess where the ball would stop. Depending on your choice, you have to put a bet into the corresponding sector of the table. After bets are made, the croupier wheels the roulette. Position of the ball defines whether you have won or lose. You can learn how to play roulette here or learn about roulette strategy.

The game area is divided into two parts: wheel and roulette table with sectors where players make their bets. On the wheel you can see 18 red and 18 black sectors and a special sector Zero. All of them have their personal numbers. You can also try roulette games for free on our website.

There are some variations of this game. Most famous are French, European and American types. Let’s take a brief look on each of them.

European Roulette

This type of the roulette game is the most famous and often played. You have 36 numbers and a Zero sector on the wheel. You can put your bet not only on certain number, but also on the group of numbers. Such groups unite red, black, odd or even numbers. In addition, there are two sectors uniting bigger or lower numbers.

All bets on those groups are called equal chances because they strictly divide wheel into the two parts. Additionally, you can put on dozen of certain numbers one by one.

If you have guessed the right number or its belonging to some group, you receive a reward. Sector Zero means you receive nothing it is an absolute casino win when all bets are losing.

American Roulette

The main difference of this variation of internet roulette is a number of sectors it use. Here you would see 38 numbers instead of 36 and an additional double zero sector. That is why this type has lower chances to win and not so much popular as the European one.

Table of this game is a little bit changed. Position of sectors for bets is changed. In all the rest the rules of the game are the same.

French Roulette

The main feature of such type of roulettes free is that casino returns a half size of bets made on the equal chances in the case of stop at zero sector. Therefore, playing on equal chances you can have part of your money back even if you did not win.

Online Roulette game process step by step

Playing casino roulette is very easy. Let's take a look on how it happens. All players put their bets and croupier starts the ball moving. When it stops, all loosing bets remove from the table and the winning ones keep their place. Lucky players receive their reward.

All bets are divided into the two parts: inner and outer. Inner put on the part of the table containing numbers. Outer on different groups of numbers. There are some types of inner bets that could be put:

  • Strait Up - only on one number;
  • Split - on two numbers;
  • On three numbers plus zero sector;
  • Corner - on four numbers;
  • Street - on three positions in one row;
  • Six Line - on six positions in one row;
  • First Four - on the first four positions starting from zero.

Types of outer bets and different groups we have described above.

Special strategies

There are some special approaches that help gamblers play roulette. All existing strategies are based on mathematical counting. Of course, no one of them can give you guaranteed win, but you can sufficiently increase your chances using them.

Most of existing strategies need enough money on account, so you need to watch your balance during the play. On the pages of our Casion Online Gambling Guide we have gathered all the most popular and profitable strategies created by great mathematicians and professional gamblers.

We strictly recommend you to read out this part of our site even if you do not want to use any special method. Learning strategies would help you better understand how this game works and what processes happen.

Best websites for roulette play

Our goal is to make your play more pleasant and profitable. So we not only give you recommendations and refence material along with that we try to gather the best sites providing such a game. We offer you lists and ranks of roulette casino so you can look through them and choose the most appropriate for you.

You can play roulette online without any worries - all sites we describe are responsible and fair. You would not face up with any cheaters among our lists.

We recommend you to choose that casino which provide an ability to play not only roulette casino games but other gambling, too. Pay attention on what you like card games, slots, video poker or others. It is much better to have account in one casino and play different games in it than have a lot of accounts on different sites and constantly jump from one to another.

If you feel ready to start online roulette gambling, read through our articles with detailed rules, features, advises and strategies. We are sure that fortune would help you to gain a huge reward!

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