How to Play Roulette

Roulette is a very easy game to play that do not demand any special knowledge. Here the croupier has the main role, he throws a ball on the well-known roulette wheel and players wait till it stops. After few turns on the reel, ball falls into the one of existing sectors. Each of them has certain number on it.

During this casino game players can:

  • try to guess on what number ball would stop;
  • put bets on several numbers or certain combination;
  • try to guess the parameters of the next number (black or red, large of small, even or odd).

Pay attention: the size of reward depends on how you have put the bet.

Our Casion Online Gambling Guide would tell you in this article the main points of the game and will help you to understand the game process of roulette.

How to get a reward - Main understandings of the game process

Croupier (or a dealer)

The main goal of players is to win at casino. Establishment is represented by the croupier who is throwing the ball into the rotating wheel.

Croupier is the only one person who controls all the game. His functions are:

  • give player chips in exchange for money (or regular casino's chips);
  • rotate the wheel and throw a ball into it;
  • voice information about winning numbers (not only number, but its color, etc.);
  • take off the losing bets and give winnings to players.

If game is extremely in intensive or there are many players at one table, croupier can work with an assistant, who helps with part of actions.

How to play this roulette game and put the bets

First step is to buy chips. After that, you can make your bet by placing chips into certain position of gaming table. If you cannot reach necessary place, dealer helps you and put your bet instead of you.

Size of the bet

Each casino has its own rules about what the maximum and minimum bet could be put. So, please, check out this information before starting your play.

How to play roulette - Game process

Dealer starts the game by rotating the wheel and throwing a ball into it. Now players can put their bets trying to guess where the ball would stop. They can do it up to that moment when dealer tells "No more bets" (or "Rien ne va plus"). Mostly, it happens before the last three turns of the ball.

When the ball stops and falls on some certain sector, the croupier voices this and put a special marker (it is called "dolly" or "loula") on that field of the table that represents this number.

After that, he takes from the table all losing bets and give the reward to the winners. You can also try roulette for free on our website.

The game table

Information about what are the playing fields in this game would help you win at roulette.

American type of this game is played on the table containing the wheel and sectors where players can put their bets.

Standard game table for the both European and American types contain next areas:

  • Inner field (or Inner section);
  • External field (or Outside section);
  • Internal field.

The internal field is a place where you can find all numbers existing on the wheel. Each row contains three consecutive numbers. Moreover, there are three vertical columns. Each of them contain twelve numbers.

How to play roulette with external field

External field contains special marks on which you can put your bet. Here every sector corresponds to certain group of numbers. They could be united by numbers (for example, the first dozen) or by some parameters (for example, black numbers).

Differences of playing tables in different roulette types

Despite playing table of American and European roulette are very similar, you can find some differences between them. They are:

  • American Roulette has an additional field called "Double Zero" and marked like "00"
  • Mostly, all numbers of American roulette table are colored to the certain color they have;
  • But in European roulette all numbers on the table are white regardless their color on the wheel;
  • There is a special "track" on European table where you can put verbal bet;
  • French roulettes much differs from others because of its external fields.

The game wheel

There are some types of the roulette wheels and we would tell you main information about them.

European Roulette Wheel. It is made in a form of a bowl that is put on the axis. Its diameter is about 90 centimeters and it weight up to 40 kilograms. Mostly this wheel is produced from a fine wood.

The inner circle is divided into sectors that are made as special pockets in which ball falls when stops.

Roulette wheel is a perfectly balanced mechanism that has to provide the fully random results.

American and European roulettes use different types of wheels. They have some differences. The main is that American wheel has 38 numbers (from 1 to 36, "zero" and "double zero" sectors), when European has only 37 (without "double zero").

Moreover, numbers can be distributed in a different way. In European roulette all numbers are marked on the outer part of the wheel, when in American - on the inner. French type of this game use the same wheel as the European one.

Variations of Roulette

This game has appeared at first in France and spread on Europe. After that, it moved over the ocean to America. There casino owners wanted to receive more and added one more number - double zero, that helped to receive more cash from players.

Today you can face up with three main variations of this famous game:

  • American Roulette - it has 38 numbers, from 1 to 36, 0 and 00 sectors;
  • European Roulette - it has 37 numbers, from 1 to 36 and 0 sector;
  • French roulette - the same as European type but with a little bit different playing field.

Differences of roulette

The main differences between various types are in:

  • Distribution of the sectors of the wheel. You can read our articles about game process and main nuances of playing American and European variations.
  • Game field.
  • Bets you can put. Find information about it in our Roulette Strategy articles.
  • Additional rules ("La Partage", "En Prison" and "Surrender"). You can read about the below.

Remember: knowledge about rules is not enough for win. You have to know how to act during the game.

Roulette Chips

American roulette has its own traditional chips that are multi-colored. Therefore, each player has chips of his own color. It makes game process much easier - you can quickly define where is everyone's bet and who have won. You can buy those chips from a dealer and cannot use them for other games. When player ends his game, he exchange chips back for money (or traditional chips of chosen casino).

European type use ordinary chips that are common for the whole establishment's games. Moreover, in European roulette dealer has a special spatula that helps him to clear the table and take all bets from it. American dealer mostly do it by his hand.

Roulette equipment

Playing the European roulette you would see a game table with two game fields and a wheel allocated in the middle of it. This table is created for 16 players. Game is served by three people. One of them throws the ball into the wheel and two assistants helps him to serve playing fields - one for each of the fields. Mostly, those fields differs in the size of bets you can put.

When you play the American type, table is served by a dealer and an assistant that sorts the chips. One table can provide a game for six persons.

How to act playing the roulette

European casinos, mostly, have more elegant atmosphere. That is why players need to have appropriate clothes. Moreover, many casinos today are some kind of private clubs, so you can enter it only being their member. It is mostly about the English Game Houses in United Kingdom.

American establishments are not so strict and provide more freedom both in clothes and behavior. Here tips are allowed, while in some English casinos you cannot have them.

Special rules

Rule "En Prison"

In European roulette there is a special rule that can be used about "equal odds" sectors. The talk is about red/black, even/odd, large/small fields. If the ball stops on the "zero" sector, those bets do not burn and keep staying at the same positions in custody. If the next spin would bring a "zero" again, bets lose. But if the outcome would be favorable, bets are returned to the player without any additional payout.

It helps gamblers save their money, so such types of roulette have the lowest casino advantage on the "equal odds" bets. It is only 1,35%!

Rule "La Partage"

It is very similar to the previous rule. If sector "zero" rolls out, player receives back the half of his bets on "equal odds". You can face up with this rule only playing the French variation.

The Surrender

This rule is used in American casinos and similar to the previous one. Thanks to it the casino advantage becomes only 2,63% when playing on "equal odds".

Verbal/voice bets

Because of special allocation of numbers on the field in European and French variations, players can make bets by just saying certain numbers.

Casino Advantage

When you play European Roulette, the casino advantage is about 2,7%. American roulette has a little bit bigger number - 5,26% for all bets. But when you put the five-number bet, it rises up to 7,9%.

Of course, the special rules like "En Prison", "La Partage" and "Surrender" reduce this parameter. We have mentioned it before.

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