Roulette Strategy

Many gamblers are wondering about whether it is possible to beat the casino in roulette game. Today Web is full of articles considering this question. They are telling about various strategies, special systems and tips. We have gathered all main information in this article. You can find here the result of our analysis telling about existing combinations and various chances of winning in roulette game. Please remember: each casino has its own list of persons that cannot play in it. However, online establishments do not use such lists and restrictions (but there is some exceptions).

Some experienced gamblers are sure that you can gain success in roulette by using certain strict algorithm. Along with that, many people are trying to use complex mathematical calculations in order to define the probability of win.

Anyway, most of gamblers are sure that you have to play only on responsible and fair websites that provide verification of result's randomness (look up for an appropriate one in our best casino lists). Of course, even usage of any special strategy would be senseless in doubtful establishments. Along with that, you need to choose casino that offers the highest payout indicator in roulette game. Let's take a look on methods that can help you in playing real casino.

Tips and tactics that could be used only in real casino roulette

  1. First tip could be called as a dealer signature. If you are playing with a real person, he definitely would become tired with time. It means that dealer would make actions in a different way and, probably, turn the wheel at another speed. In this case, players have an ability to see better the trajectory of ball movement. Sometimes it can repeat it and, as a result, ball falls in the same sector.
  2. Another tip is called visual tracking. Player can make a video of the ball rotation and use it for computer analysis. In this case, program can define the probability of receiving certain sector. Using those computer recommendations, player can define his end-bet.

However, all those tips are working only when you are playing roulette in some land casino.

Strategy to win at roulette online

Another thing you can do - to try to identify the system it works. Something like a bias of the wheel. In this case, you have to fix all the results given by the wheel in order to analyze them later. With this information, you can define those sectors that have fallen the most often. It allows you find whether the well-known law of chance has been violated. Of course, this method would not help you in just every establishment. Many casinos are centering their roulette wheels every day. If we talk about online sites, some players use special programs that constantly collect information and automatically provide it analysis.

Five main rules for winning

Pay attention to this information. Those five simple points are the foundation stone in roulette gambling.

First thing you have to do before starting your game is to check whether chosen site is honest.

  1. Compare the total casino income per day and the total quantity of deposited money. It has to be not more than 90%.
  2. Do not play at all-in bets.
  3. All your actions have to strictly follow the system you choose. This rule sounds like the easiest one, but in reality it could become a trouble. Player can give way to his emotions and stop self-control. In this case, he can make a lot of big (sometimes even critical) mistakes.
  4. Do not put your bet on five numbers. Such a bet means the highest casino advantage.

Special roulette strategies

All existing strategies in this game assume money management (you would change your bet rate depending on certain satiation). Of course, it increases your risks. As you see, there is no 100% winning strategy, but you still can influence on the result and rise up your chances.


Everyone who have learned the higher mathematics knows about theory of probability. Such knowledge could be used for roulette. In particular, you can use the Martingale as your winning strategy.

In this case, you would use only two sectors - "red and black" that provide 1 to 1 rate. The main rule of such a strategy is to double your bet each time you lose. Mostly, the initial bet is 1 dollar.

You have to put your bet on the same color until it would not win. When the color you bet on (for example, red) won, you need to change your bet to the opposite one (black) and continue playing by the same scheme. If you received the Zero sector, you need to put a double bet and change the chosen color.

Maximum bet limits

It is better that your bet would not exceed the 1% from your total winnings. For example, if you have won 350 dollars today, it is better to stop playing at least till tomorrow. Moreover, you have to remember that sometimes enough long series of one color numbers could appear. The highest possible quantity is 15 times getting the same color. It means you can lose 15 times in a row. After you win, you have to decrease your bet to the initial one.

Let's talk a little bit about money withdraw. You have to keep some balance in order to supply long combinations. It is better to keep at least 10% from your winnings. Therefore, this playing system has a certain disadvantage - player's funds are always limited.

We have provided a diagram below where you can see that player is always risking to lose his bet. A smooth rise in player's balance is going along with several sharp collapses in case of lose. Therefore, analysis of Martingale system shows that it cannot be used like complete one. Especially when we are talking about the newbies. Statistics shows that sometimes you can receive the same color even 7 times in a row.

Columns and Dozens

This playing method is pretty close to the previous one. The difference is that if ball falls to any of numbers from this field, reward increases two times from your bet. Bets on dozens are paid 1 to 2 instead of 1 to 1 when you are playing on red/black sectors.

If you lose, you have to increase your bet by the Martingale system. Playing this way you can win with 66,6% or success.

Cuban system

You do not need to have some deep mathematical knowledge to use this strategy. All calculations in it are about the non-even red and black sectors distribution. If you would look attentively on the playing field, you would see that there are more black numbers in the center when the third line has more red. When you are betting on the middle row, mostly, you are betting on red numbers. It is a way to increase your chances to gain reward.

System "5 of 6"

This strategy can bring you 85% chances to win. As you know, in this game fields are divided into six parts with six numbers in each of them. By this strategy, you have to bet on five groups from six existing. If none of your bets has won, just double it and bet again on the same fields. Good luck and remember play only at best online casinos!

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