All about slots

There are a lot of different games of chance that you can find in various casinos. The simplest type among them is slots and free slots. Such games do not need any special knowledge or skills. However, there is so wide choice of them that you can easily get confused. We want to help you with understanding of principles and existing types of slots. Moreover, we tried to facilitate your choice by creating our own rates and tops.

Common information

Casino slots is a type of gambling based on random. All what player has to do is to choose the size of his bet, press button "Start" and watch how images on reels change. Sometimes game can offer player to participate in process - choose some bonus or try to guess the card color.

The game area looks like some reels (often 3 or 5) with different images. Player has to spin them by pressing special button. Reward depends on images appeared. In order to receive the prize gambler has to collect at least three identical images. They have to lie on one payline. Amount and position of paylines depends on chosen slot.

Almost all slots offer additional symbols, bonuses and modes that can increase chances to win coins. You can read detailed review of chosen game and find out what it offers.

Types of bonuses and additional features in online slots

If you are the newbie in gambling machines, we recommend you read out our detailed articles about existing types of special symbols and bonus modes. Almost all slot machine games have Wild and Scatter symbol. Goad of first one is to substitute images on the reels and to create combinations with them. Scatter is created to give player additional spins in order to facilitate game process.

Many online slots offer other special images that launch different features and additional modes. The most popular ones we would describe in our common articles. About other images you can read in detailed review of certain chosen slot.

Main categories and types of the slot games

All existing slots could be divided on few main categories. Let's take a look on each of them:

  1. Classic - the biggest one and the most popular. It is about different variations of those usual slots that could be seen in land casinos such as Las Vegas. A little bit changed design and clear game mechanics are their main features.
  2. Video Slots. Creative and interesting variations full of additional abilities and features. Each such game is individual with its own design, images, bonuses and special modes.
  3. Fruit Machines. This type is very similar to the classical one but has its own differences. In fruit variations you would find more interesting abilities and features. Mostly such slots offer mini-gambling games (where you have to guess one from two choices) and bonus trail or board.
  4. Pokies. Name of this slots group comes from Australia and New Zealand where people used to call this way usual slots. But in gambling word "pokies" mean a separate group. It united games with 5 reels, many paylines and additional bonuses. In total, it is easy for understanding and still variable type of games.
  5. 3D slots. Such type of games is very colorful. Slots have a lot of interesting animated elements, detailed design and huge range of features. All such games have their own plot with telling some exciting story.

You can find more information about those categories on pages of our Casion Online Gambling Guide. Such knowledge would help you to orientate among billions of existing slots.

However, it is not the only one way to categorize slot machines. Additionally, they could be divided by next parameters:

  • number of reels;
  • existing features and bonus modes;
  • availability and type of jackpot;
  • number and types of special symbols.;
  • existence of additional meters.

You can find more interesting information about different slot games and their types by reading out articles on our site, you can also visit slots strategy page. We provide accurate information so you can be sure - you can become a real specialist in gambling world with us. In addition, we provide reviews of different gambling developers where you can find the special moments and typical features of leading companies such as Mircogaming, Playtech, NetEnt etc.

Slot Strategies

Even though all slots are games of chance based on random, player has chances to influence on result. We are not talking about some cheating or additional modes of some games. The talk is about special slot strategy increasing chances of win. If you are a newbie you can also read about how to play slots online.

On the pages of Casion Online Gambling Guide you can find some such ideas. Most of offered strategies are created by experienced gamblers who know about casino slot machine games almost all. Even if you do not want to use some special strategy, reading these articles would be useful for better understand principles of game process.

Along with different strategies you would find detailed information about how slots work. We will explain you the principle of game and its goals. Moreover, we want to bust existing myths that you can face up with.


We know how hard it is to choose what slot to play. Too much different companies, plots, themes make choice extremely difficult. We want to help you so created our own lists of best slots in different categories. We tried to gather all slot machine games that you can face up with.

Our ratings are based on deep analysis of chosen games. It includes not only such obvious moments like design and plot, but also functional moments. The clearness of game process, interesting rules - all this influence on final result. In addition, we look on statistical data such as the percentage of winning.

Moreover, you can read detailed review about any online slot machines interested you. We recommend you read more about slots terminology in order to better understand what we are talking about in such reviews.

The last thing we prepared for you is a list of all slots casino that have reached tops. Looking through such list is the best way to find out what casino with slots can offer what you want to play.

Our target is to make gambling process easy, comprehensible and giving pleasure. To make this real our professional players constantly write different reviews. guides and other articles about all in the gambling world. Visit us and start to win!

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