Slots - Tips and Strategies

All methods devoted to win in slots are based on principle of minimizing casino website advantages. It does not mean any cheating - only accurate mathematic counting. No matter what strategy you use, you will not violate existing rules anyhow. So read our slot machine tips and start winning.

Let's find out what slot tips we offer to you. We would explain not only scheme of each method, but also rules by which they work.

Tips about playing slot machines

The most popular slot system is the "Up the stairs". This strategy will be the best decision for those people who do not want to waste their time on risk and prefer slowly move to chosen target. In this slot strategy you have to define with what sum you should to start with. If you have not enough money on your account, this strategy will be not successful.

Depending on the last round result you have to build your next actions. If you lose, you do not change the bet and put the same coins as the previous time. If you win, you double your bet.

It is an extremely simply strategy that do not need any difficult calculations. Its main advantage is an ability to quickly return funds lost in previous rounds. Moreover, having a white stripe of wins you can receive big reward.

The weak place of this strategy is that you need to rise bets pretty fast. Therefore, you can quickly enough achieve the highest possible bet. In this case you would have to stop playing and start from the very beginning - you simply have no ability to take your money back.

One game

Many people prefer start playing slot machines from a popular slot strategy called "One Game". It offers player have fun and play without giving anything. Before start your play chose an appropriate slot. It has to offer a big reward and accept maximum bets.

This slot machine tip is based on opinion that sites want to involve players into the gambling process, so, often let them win first few spins. This strategy offers you put a maximum possible bet of chosen slot and start a round. After that you have to use only those money that you won from that bet. Of course, this strategy works only if you have won the first spin. In other case you have to close this slot and move to another machine without trying your luck here again.

Such tip has big chances but still is risky enough. You can just face up with a line of loses during the first bet and lose all your money.


This method is recognized as the best among existing slot machine tips. Of course, it would not bring you guaranteed win, but can significantly increase chances to gain reward. It is directed on minimizing site advantage by using mathematic formulas.

In this strategy you have to change size of your bets by certain scheme. At first your bet grows and after that becomes smaller. The main advantage of this method is its ability to adopt up to any available sum.

First bet you put always is the minimal one. If you are going to play for a long time, you can choose one of the long-term schemes. For example, a good decision for low budget would be 1-1-1-2-2-4-4-4-5-5-3-3-2-2 -1-1. Or you can use a short version that looks like 1-1-2-3-4-5-5-4-3-2-1-1.

Therefore, size of each bet depends on what sum you have put initially. Scheme only shows coefficients. The total deposit sum could be easily counted. For example, first (long) variant we have written above needs the total sum of 41 initial bets. If you would start from 2 dollar, you would need 82 in total, if from 3 to 123.

Moreover, you can create your own schemes on the basics of this method. Main rule is to not to make abrupt increases or decreases of bets.

Play and Run

This strategy is a good decision for those gamblers who have already played slots and know how they work. The main point of this slot machine tip is that you have to define for yourself a certain sum that you are ready to spend in certain chosen product. When you reach established limit, just close the game and move to another machine.

The hardest part of this strategy is really to stop without trying to gain more and more feeling cherish after a line of wins. In total, this method of playing in online casinos  has two important moments:

  • limit loss - the amount of money you are ready to spend in one certain slot;
  • empty spin - total quantity of bets you are planning to do.

Let's imagine that you have 200 dollars that you are ready to use as game deposit. You can divide it into eight equal parts. Therefore, betting one dollar you can make 25 bets on each slot you visit and after that leave it. Or you can set up a limit of 20-25 dollars for each product. No matter what result you receive, you have to stop playing and leave the page after reaching this sum.

By the way, there is a type of "Play and Run" methodic called "Empty Spins". In this case you define the total quantity of spins for one slot or for today at all. It is a perfect variant of how to limit yourself and make you stop at necessary moment.

Three stars

This method works on the basics similar to previous ones. In this strategy you use three coins at first round, two - at second and one at third. You can increase this numbers on any bet you put.

In this case you define quantity of spins for a round. It could be three, five, ten or any other. If you choose ten, for example, you would have to put ten times bet 3 coins, after that ten times 2 and then ten times 1 coin regardless from results you receive.


This strategy has a very funny name, but still is enough popular among gamblers. It came up to virtual world from land casinos where people tried to increase their chances just the same how we do it now.

This method means constant changing of slot you play. Moreover, you have not to repeat playing one product during a day. Define for yourself certain quantity of spins after which you would change the machine. Mostly it is two or three spins.

This method, first of all, allows you to limit your spends. You define from the very beginning how much money you are ready to deposit.

We hope that our tips helped you to find your way to play slots. Read out other articles of our Casion Online Gambling Guide in order to find more interesting and useful information about the gambling world.

We wish you luck!

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